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Google urges Barack Obama to promise smart meters for every US home

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

“…In an initiative with the Climate Group, the company this week wrote a letter and hosted a summit at its Washington DC offices to urge Barack Obama to adopt a goal of providing every household with real time information about their electricity use.

“By giving people the ability to monitor and manage their energy consumption, for instance, via their computers, phones or other devices, we can unleash the forces of innovation in homes and businesses,” says the letter, signed by more than 40 leading businesses and environmental groups.”

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The home of the future

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

“The enthralling, attractive, internet-accessing, low-powered television that companies such as TiVo offer in their vision of the future sounds pretty tempting. In truth, however, it will be a long time coming and only the start of a new digital wave that is gradually building already.

A clue to this lies, for instance, with a host of major house-builders: when installing cables for power and lighting, Barratt, Persimmon and other developers now also put in cables for home audio and video. Purchasers are then offered a multimedia pack, and all that’s required is the drilling of a few holes in the right place. Plug in a suitable hi-fi, fire up the system and individual, seamless music and video in every room is available immediately.  Stage two is simply plugging this lot into the internet.”

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Research and markets’ latest report focuses on role of ICT in smart houses

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

“According to Research and Markets’ “Smart Houses: Smart Grid Extensions” ICT Markets and Technologies Development report, the U.S. market for information and communications technology, or “ICT,” in Smart Houses is huge, especially with the support of the government.  This latest report addresses development of wireline and wireless information and communication technologies to support the smart house infrastructure.”

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IBM to show smart home devices at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Monday, January 4th, 2010

“IBM is pushing for intelligent homes as Internet-connected household devices get access to more online content and services, company officials said on Monday. Entertainment devices like TVs are connecting to online services like Netflix to watch movies, but services can be expanded to cut electricity bills, monitor health and keep homes safe, said Scott Burnett, director of IBM’s digital convergence group.”

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