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What can the EON PlatformTM do for you?
Are you unsure if there is untapped demand for smart technology in your industry? Are your customers asking for, or could they benefit from, IP-based remote access and control of your products? Does the thought of high research and development costs associated with evolving your products to be Internet-ready concern you? Submit your question about what the EON Platform can do for YOU and we’ll provide a smart solution.
I make asset-tracking products for logistics companies. Physical security of goods during transportation is a huge concern in my industry, how can the EON Platform help?
The EON Platform can be used to layer a variety of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) smart technology devices and sensors. In doing so real-time tracking of goods at the discrete item level can be achieved. This is a significant improvement over current asset tracking technologies that primarily function at the truck level only and do not provide information about the security of goods themselves.

The Eginity team is in the process of developing a case study to provide further detail on how smart technologies can be used in the logistics sector to increase security and provide a full chain of custody for merchandise from point of manufacture to final recipient.

Right now there is talk of implementing usage-based tax for miles driven on interstates for commercial vehicles. Would the EON Platform be applicable to this initiative?
Absolutely. The EON Platform is being considered for multiple uses in the transportation segment and this excellent example. By integrating the EON Platform into commercial vehicles a multitude of operating conditions can be recorded for historical reference or presented to the vehicle owner in real-time over a web page or by e-mail or SMS text.
I sell Time & Attendance packages to companies. I probably lose at least 3 sales a week because the installation process is usually too complicated for smaller businesses to handle. What can the EON Platform do for me?
The EON Platform was designed with these kinds of end-users customers in mind. When your Time & Attendance systems are embedded with the EON Platform your customers only have to mount it to the wall, give it power and enter their wireless network password.
What can the EON PlatformTM do in your industry?
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