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To become a smart technology thought leader, Eginity staff will continually develop case studies and white papers to help you understand how our EON Platform applies WSN, M2M or IPv6 technology in your industry vertical and how it is used to solve a problem common to your customer base.
July 19, 2011 smart news
10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years  
July 23, 2010 smart news
Wal-Mart radio tags to track clothing  
May 06, 2010 smart news
IPSO Alliance demonstrates smart object interoperability with next-generation IPv6 Internet Protocol  
May 05, 2010 smart news
Cisco: smart grid will be bigger than the Internet  
April 08, 2010 smart news
When your carpet calls your doctor  
April 08, 2010 smart news
Google urges Barack Obama to promise smart meters for every US home  
March 22, 2010 smart news
The IPSO Alliance and the IPv6 Forum forge a worldwide partnership to drive interoperability for Internet of Things  
March 18, 2010 smart news
8 ways to better understand the Internet of Things  
March 04, 2010 smart news
The home of the future  
February 19, 2010 smart news
How “smart dust” will change our lives  
February 09, 2010 smart news
Embedded mobile & M2M device revenues to rise to almost $19 billion globally by 2014  
January 30, 2010 smart news
Smart dust? Not quite, but we’re getting there  
January 28, 2010 smart news
Research and markets’ latest report focuses on role of ICT in smart houses  
January 28, 2010 smart news
An update on China’s Internet of Things  
January 28, 2010 smart news
Here’s what the future of America’s infrastructure might look like  
January 25, 2010 smart news
The future of the city  
January 25, 2010 smart news
ZigBee Alliance begins development of ZigBee Retail Services  
January 20, 2010 smart news
Dropping M2M costs spark rise of the machines  
January 19, 2010 smart news
Chinese Premier talks up Internet of Things  
January 07, 2010 smart news
How data will impact the way we do business  
January 05, 2010 smart news
Home health market will explode with the help of sensor technologies  
January 04, 2010 smart news
IBM to show smart home devices at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas  
December 19, 2009 smart news
Google and Fujitsu join the IPSO Alliance  
December 17, 2009 smart news
Five innovations that will change cities in the next five years  
December 15, 2009 smart news
Machines make 4.3% of U.S. mobile calls, says analyst  
December 14, 2009 smart news
A deluge of data shapes a new era in computing  
December 02, 2009 smart news
National Instruments throws its hat into the wireless ring  
November 18, 2009 smart news
HP Labs has announced a project aimed at becoming a “Central Nervous System for the Earth” that will build a planetwide sensing network  
November 06, 2009 smart news
RFID chip is rumored to be included in a prototype of the fourth-generation iPhone  
October 27, 2009 smart news
The annual Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Five Technology Trends to Watch publication looks at the new technologies that will shape our future  
October 26, 2009 smart news
A look at some exciting gadgets from the near future  
October 20, 2009 smart news
A preview of the five new breakthrough technologies that will emerge in the next few years, including what they do and how they work  
October 20, 2009 smart news
Gartner’s list of top 10 technologies includes mobile applications and cloud computing  
October 14, 2009 smart news
The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a new specification that will enable certified devices to communicate with each other directly – without a wireless hub  
October 13, 2009 smart news
Moving beyond Web 2.0 to Web Squared – a concept that creates new real-time internet applications based on openness and collaboration  
October 05, 2009 smart news
A consumer approach to RFID can help end users achieve a faster ROI  
September 24, 2009 smart news
The Web Squared Era is being powered by smart sensors and is set to be huge  
September 14, 2009 smart news
Sensor engineers listed as one of “The New Jobs of the New Web”  
September 11, 2009 smart news
ReadWriteWeb lists The Internet of Things as one of the Top 5 Web Trends of 2009  
July 28, 2009 smart news
Verizon and Qualcomm announce a machine-to-machine (M2M) joint venture to deliver wireless services in a range of market segments  
July 20, 2009 smart news
Intel and other prominent tech brands join the IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance to advocate for the interoperability of smart objects  
July 20, 2009 smart news
Book Review: The Internet of Things: From RFID to the Next-Generation Pervasive Networked Systems (Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications)  
July 14, 2009 smart news
RFID technology sales continue to surge with expected growth to reach $5.56 billion in 2009  
July 08, 2009 smart news
ON World predicts that by 2012, global WSN products and services for the Smart Home will be worth $6 billion  
June 29, 2009 smart news
The ZigBee Alliance is developing technology that is set to be the first step in creating a global standard for energy harvesting devices  
June 20, 2009 smart news
The IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance demonstrates smart objects at the NeWorld+Interop 2009 expo in Las Vegas  
June 08, 2009 smart news
WWDC 2009  
June 02, 2009 smart news
Motorola states that “in the next five to seven years everything you own will be connected to the Internet” as it looks to expand its wireless business  
April 27, 2009 smart news
The ZigBee Alliance teams up with Texas Instruments to add IP capabilities to its wireless devices, opening the door for lots of exciting connectivity options  
April 02, 2009 smart news
AT&T has reaffirmed its support for M2M communication and a future where devices talk to each other wirelessly  
February 07, 2009 smart news
Gartner lists sensor networks amongst “what’s hot” in 2009  
January 28, 2009 smart news
ON World predicts high growth for the WSN market, with R&D investment to top $1 billion in 2012.  
January 01, 2009 smart news
A new class of embedded systems has emerged that are capable of interoperating natively with IP-connected devices.  
October 27, 2008 smart news
The Internet of Things is named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2008  
October 23, 2008 smart news
Stand by for internet-enabled everything  
October 17, 2008 smart news
What’s Next For IP Networks?  
October 14, 2008 smart news
Atmel, Cisco and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) Collabore to Support a Future Where Any Device Can Be Connected to the Internet  
September 18, 2008 smart news
Sensing Opportunities with Industrial Wireless  
September 16, 2008 smart news

July 19, 2011
10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years
July 23, 2010
Wal-Mart radio tags to track clothing
May 06, 2010
IPSO Alliance demonstrates smart object interoperability with next-generation IPv6 Internet Protocol
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