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The Process
The market for connecting any product to the Internet via smart technology has emerged quickly and is developing rapidly, often leaving you as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Systems Integrator (SI) feeling overwhelmed when it comes to incorporating smart technology into your traditional products and solutions.

Our team actively engages with you, ensuring that you fully understand what smart technology is and, more importantly, how it can be used to improve the products and solutions that you sell. With our 5-step engagement process, we not only determine the best solution for your known needs, but also help you think through to the logical end of what smart technology can do in your industry and for your target customers. In doing so, we help you design a product development roadmap that can be incorporated with, or become the basis for, the strategic growth plan for your company.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “smart technology” many times, but are still unsure as to what it actually entails. Our team gives you a thorough overview of the technology and answers any general questions surrounding it, including its capabilities and relevance to your end-user clientele.
Following the technology primer, our team helps guide you through a needs assessment where we work together to identify the smart technology features, functions and benefits that you want to integrate into your products and solutions.
Once your smart technology needs have been identified, our engineering team develops best and alternative solution scenarios. By doing this, we ensure that we are able to address your primary objectives and also demonstrate the ability to tailor the final solution to fit any other purchase drivers, such as price point, scalability or other common product development concerns that you may have.
We recognize that you are not typically going to adopt the full spectrum of smart technology functionality into your products and solutions Day 1. Because of this, we work with you to structure a phased development roadmap. This allows you to put smart technology applications into your market, gauge end-user reactions and gather feedback so that you can adapt future product iterations to the needs of your customers. An accurate development roadmap also ensures that you’re able to capture as much value from the market as possible by strategically staging the launch of future features and functions.
It is our goal to develop a long-term relationship with you as a client. We facilitate this process by holding a client review on a quarterly basis. Here, we evaluate the performance of the current Eginity solution and identify areas for improvement. We also review current market-level dynamics such as technology trends and potential opportunities for expanded use of new smart technology functionality – deciding together if it is necessary and viable to address these trends now or hold off until a later date.
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