Our Expertise
The Eginity team has long-standing experience developing advanced technology solutions for OEMs and Systems Integrators that translates directly into the evolving market for smart technology.
Hardware: Eginity engineers have worked in teams responsible for transitioning advanced sensor technologies traditionally used in government, defense and industrial-grade applications to commercial and consumer settings with OEM and system integration partners. Some of our previous successes include developing the following: a high-end CCD camera processor for Lockheed Martin, a DSP based handheld tactical laser and tracking system for Night Vision Labs (NVL), fingerprint sensors for Fujitsu, Windows CE and Linux based PDAs for CJCC, embedded sensors and controllers for the automotive industry and the integration of biometrics into Black & Decker’s Kwikset brand door locks. The Eginity team has in-depth experience with, and is already becoming a thought leader in, the integration of WSN, M2M and IPv6 functionality into sensor and smart device technologies across a range of industry verticals and market niches.
Biometrics: Optical, Silicon and Capacitive Fingerprint sensors
Identification Peripherals: Smart Cards, Mag Stripe, Barcode, Active and Passive RFID
Printers: Low, Mid High and High volume, Serial USB, Kiosk
User Interface: Keypads, LCD Displays, Touch Screens
Wireless Peripherals: ZigBee (802.15.4), Bluetooth, Rolling Code Architecture, WIFI
Environmental: Temperature, Pressure, Motion, Humidity
Specialized: Opacity, RPM, Optical Pulses, GPS, Range Finding, Proximity
Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, GSM, SPI, RS-232, RS-422, MCBSP, I2C, CCTalk, MDB, 1553
Control Functions: Motor Control, Relay Drivers, Solenoid Drivers, A/D, D/A, Lighting
Multimedia: Cameras, LCD Displays, Intercom, SIP
Green Tech: Power Monitoring, Power Factor Correction
FPGA: Altera, Actel
Processors: TI MSP, Atmel, Intel 8051, Freescale iMX, Philips NXP, Intel PXA
DSPs: Texas Instruments, Analog Devices Blackfin
Software: : Eginity engineers have always been at the forefront of developing software solutions for OEM devices, products and sensors. Some of our previous engineering successes include DSP sensor processing for NVL, Linux fingerprint drivers and matchers for Fujitsu, embedded programming for Black & Decker and other consumer devices, memory drivers for Analog Devices, WinCE development for CJCC, embedded Linux programming for health care and fleet logistics applications and Windows biometric applications for Sharper Image. The team has a wide range of software development experience including:
OS: Linux, OS X, Windows, BeOS, Solaris, SCO, Novell, WinCE
Programming Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Java, PERL, Pascal,
WEB Development: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Protocols: SIP, BGP, OSPF, IPv6
Network Services: Our team operated an ISP that supported thousands of users, co-located servers and web pages. Some of these services have been in continuous operation since 1995.
Server Management:VMware, Xen, Apache, Email, Backup, Routing, VPN, ISP Services, Database Management, Secure server, Shopping Carts, Transaction Servers, Call Center, Tech Support
Database Management: Over the past 15 years, Eginity engineers have been responsible for developing several high-end database applications for both small and fortune 500 companies. Our team has setup high-end systems with Lucent Technology, Clear Channel Communications, Danka and National In-Store. This experience has been the basis for designing the backend server portion of the EON Platform.
Databases: mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
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