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Five innovations that will change cities in the next five years

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

“…As people move into city buildings at record rates, buildings will be built smartly. Today, many of the systems that constitute a building — heat, water, sewage, electricity, etc. — are managed independently. In the future, the technology that manages facilities will operate like a living organism that can sense and respond quickly, in order to protect citizens, save resources, and reduce carbon emissions. Thousands of sensors inside buildings will monitor everything from motion and temperature to humidity, occupancy, and light. The building won’t just coexist with nature — it will harness it. This system will enable managers to order repairs before something breaks, emergency units to respond quickly with the necessary resources, and consumers and business owners to monitor their energy consumption and carbon emission in real-time and take action to reduce them. Some buildings are already showing signs of intelligence by reducing energy use, improving operational efficiency, and improving comfort and safety for occupants.”

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