Eginity has been accepted into the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Certificate Course
January 15, 2009

Eginity has been accepted into the January 2009 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Certificate Course, which is the first step toward being accepted into the UCF Business Incubation Program. The course consists of seven evening sessions lasting three hours each, which will cover the following topics: developing successful business ideas, building a strong business team, proper legal and ethical foundations, marketing strategies and effective sales, funding and financing and entrepreneurial insights. The team members attending the courses will be Rob Allen (CEO), Alan McGinn (CTO), Steven Fiske (Marketing) and Lisa Wilde (Operations). We’re looking forward to a challenging and rewarding experience that will help us not only prepare for our future as a client of the Incubation Program, but for our success as a company and as professionals.

To read more about the EIE Course or the Incubation Program:

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